A new crust for Jeff’s Cheesecake


Living and starting a business in Germany has its advantages and disadvantages. Starting a business selling authentic, homemade New York cheesecake could have the advantage that there are not a lot of competitors. But it also has its challenging aspects, such as finding all the necessary ingredients. People are always asking me what I use for the cheesecake crust and that has changed a few times over the past several years. New York cheesecake is traditionally made using a graham cracker crust. As graham crackers are not available in Germany I was forced to find the next best thing. After trying several store bought cookies, the best of which were “Hobbits” by Brandt® (they actually taste really good), I decided that I would have to try to make my own cookies. After all, who wants a homemade cake with store bought cookies with all their preservatives, etc. After trying several recipes, I found a simple oatmeal cookie made with butter, brown sugar, whole wheat flour and oats. It is very tasty and I got a lot of compliments for this crust, but I still wasn’t completely convinced. Recently, while talking to an american friend about my search for graham crackers, she forwarded me a link to a recipe that she found. I was skeptical that it could be as easy as it looked, but I am very pleasantly surprised! So please come by the Alpe Altona, Friedensallee 32 in Hamburg, or order a  cake online, try it and let me know what you think!


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