A New Blog for Jeff’s Cheesecake

This blog is being launched to coincide with the launch of my new Jeff’s Cheesecake website (scheduled for release on Nov. 18th), a year or so in the making. Anyone who has created a new website knows that to produce a good one is no small feat! We spend enough hours in front of the screen to begin with, not to mention all the other things we have to deal with daily (in my case, lots of baking, developing my business, playing & teaching music and family, of course).  With all these things to do, who wants to sit down yet again to write a blog?! I’m not even a writer. I do enjoy it, however, and think that it’s important to 1) have a journal of some sort that documents the development of my business and 2) to communicate to my current and potential customers about what I’m up to.

I have always been someone who has taken the important things in life seriously. Everything else, even my jobs and career, are only important to a degree and not to be taken too seriously, always trying to keep my eye on the bigger picture. So having said that, why has cheesecake become an important part of my life? How important can cheesecake be? Not very, in the big picture. But in the microcosm of my life it is part of a bigger decision to enjoy life and have fun developing a business that could possibly offer me some financial freedom someday in the future.

The past year has been quite gratifying as I have come to learn that I have created something that can bring a lot of enjoyment into people’s lives. Similar to music, I would say. The response to my cheesecake has been very positive and encourages me to continue to refine, improve and develop new products. The cooperation with the café Alpe Altona has given the business a home and a “partner in crime”, so to speak. Up to this point, Jeff’s Cheesecake has only been Jeff. It is never good to be in business alone. We need others with whom we can collaborate and share ideas. I was lucky to meet Carsten & Katharina Hemminghaus from Alpe and look forward to developing our “shop in shop” concept together.


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